cold/sinus infection/cough home remedy
okay so i had a sinus infection & the antibiotic the doctor gave me made it worse. ended up with a full blown could, cough & so much drainage it was making me nauseated & i was having daily migraines. Last night the above combination got so bad that i did actually become sick (you know what i mean) so i decided to stop the prescription & try some home remedy. This morning i irrigated my nose with something i have similar to a neti pot. It comes with a rinse solution, you just mix that up & follow the instructions until you only have a small amount of the solution left. Use that little bit to gargle then be sure & spit it all out. I then put some minced garlic in a bowl & poured boiling water in with it. held my face over the bowl & inhaled the steam until it wasn't hot anymore. The garlic helps disinfect your sinuses. That combination immediately let me breath completely threw my nose which i have been unable to do in a couple weeks now.
for my cough i made some tea, sweetened it with honey then put 2 cap fulls of apple cider vinegar in it & drank up. it made me cough more for a bit till the mucus was cleared from my throat but after that I've been fine! still have a small tickle in my throat occasionally but I'm sure that's because it needs time to heal from days of constantly coughing...

Recently i've just had so much better luck with cures like this...

sewing tutorial thingie: partial boot/shoe covers
Okay so to start you pick out the boots or shoes you want to cover, this tutorial is for the way to make partial covers only i will try to post another later for the full covers that i attach to shoes or use to turn flip flops into full shoes. These are also for high heels which makes the attachment easier.

get your shoes, try & match the fabric to it. The person who asked for this is using black sued boots so that fabric is easily available at Joann's or similar fabric stores.



you'll need:
paper if you dont have large sheets you can use the regular size ones just tape them together on the back side to the length you need.
a marker, pen, pencil, crayon or whatever other writing utensil you want to use
the shoe you want to cover
your leg
a small piece of velcro (both sides)
a zipper the length of your cover from the bottom of your foot to were you want the cover to end.

put on your shoe and put your leg on the page. depending how flexible you are you may need someone else to help you with the next step.

trace around your shoe & leg. I only did knee high here but if you are doing thigh high trace your leg ur to were you want the covers to end.

measure around your leg from the middle of the front to the middle of the back

adjust the width of the outline to this then add a little extra for seems. I like yo at half an inch.

I also added a rectangle at the bottom right in front of the heel to use as attachment point for the covers.

cut it out

double layer your fabric & cut it out. If you want to do all 4 layers at once you can do that also.

cut those out

pin the front & backs together

and sew

be sure and back stitch (make the machine do backwards then back over the same seem) on all of the ends.

be sure & trim all the extra tread ends off so they don't get caught in the machine.

front & back done with a straight seem

i like to go back over the edges with a zigzag stitch to reinforce. This is a good alternative if you don't have a serger. (or are like me & just don't feel like getting it out, lol)

now determine which side of the cover will be on your inside leg & cut straight down it. This is were you will attach the zipper.

in order to loose less fabric when finishing the edges you can zigzag stitch over the open edge then only fold it down once to hem in.

fold down the top edge and put your hem in with a straight stitch.

hem your bottom edges ***i should have done the zigzag stitch on all of these first too***

when you get to the little tabs stop & make a cut in a cross shape (letting the teb fold back down & a tiny one into the tab so you can fold the edge of it over onto its self.

now hem those

these are the hemmed bottom edges.

you would now put in your zipper in the open side. I don't have an extra one right now but if you need a tutorial of how to put a zipper in let me know & i will be happy to take pictures when i put the one in the costume i am currently making.

slip it on over your shoe ans check the sizing, & adjust were needed.

now check the lengths of your flaps and attach the velcro were they overlap under the shoe.

then your all done. I used scrap fabric that is a cotton with no give so it looks a little baggy/messy. When doing covers i make it a point to ALWAYS use something with at least a little bit of give. Being able to stretch it a little helps so very much in getting them to fit perfect.

Other notes:
if your legs are anything like mine you might find it helpful to use a bit of spirit gum or sock glue on the top edge to get it to stay put on your leg. (if its fitted well it shouldn't move much but this helps reinforce) If you do this be sure & bend your leg before applying & attach it were it wants to slide down to so the glue wont come off when you walk. You could also try attaching elastic into the top hem, but i dislike how this tends to look.

If you have ANY questions about any of the steps let me know and i will try my best to answer ^__^

home made deoderant & toothpaste
okay ladies & gents most of your hygene items can be made at home! that's right! & often for cheaper than purchasing them.

So lets start with deoderant. I'm allergic to commercial antiperspirant so I have been using a "natural" deoderant for years. It doesn't work very well during summer though so I did some research! you can make a safe & effective deoderant from items you probably have in your kitchen.

mix Corn Starch & Bakind Soda together in equal parts then apply under arms with a powderpuff, makeup brush or something of the like.
That's it! your good to go & its worked better for me than commercial brands.
NOTE: be sure and use Baking SODA not baking powder. baking powder contains aluminum that can be iratating to the skin or even toxic.

Now on to tooth paste. I'm sure you all have your favorite brands & flavors but did you know you can wip that up yourself too? I spoke with my dentist about a week or 2 ago she agrees that this is just as effective as (& cheaper than) commercial brands!
mix baking soda & regular table salt (sea salt may be in to big of bits) together in equal parts, wet your toth brush & dab it on then brush away! you can use more or less of the salt depending on the sensativity of your gums but you need in the mix for the abrassivness to get your teeth cleaned good.
NOTE: this is a toothpaste substitute only, other oral hygene, such as flossing ect, should still be maintained.

bald rats & making your own hair grow
okay so odd that I've been thinking a lot about these 2 today since my rats are hairless XD but anyways so I've been reading a lot about keeping your rats entertained ect & its saying boy rats realy don't enjoy games much...which mine don't, but it does say they enjoy being tickled, mine seem to find that offensive has turned into a perfect way to get them back in their cage when its time to... idk what else to try O_o

okay now about making your hair grow faster/stronger whatever. the shampoo Hair+ actually does seem to make my hair grow faster & it has great reviews from tons of other people! but some other natural things tha help are eating jello every day or taking jellitan caplets. taking Silica daily also helps. I found a tablet called Hair Care that contains both of them with other herbs & vitamins ect & only has the side effect of changing your urine color to a bright florescent yellow. It does also have an upset stomach warning but I have a very sensative stomach & when taken with a meal as dirrected it didn't bother mine at all.
Using hot oil treatments regularly & ocasionaly using a dep conditioner like Aussie 3 minute miracle helps the softness of your hair & is extreemely important if you dye it lighter than your natural color or get highlights done.
He next tip may not be to everyones liking but it does help. If you can bare to, only wash your hair every other day. This allows your hair to keep its natural oils & stay healthy (helps prevent it becoming brittle).
Your hair does go threw rest periods were it hardly grows so don't get discouraged if you don't see good results. During average growth it should gain about an inch a month. To keep from getting split ends (which eventually splits & kills that entire hair) you should get it trimmed about a quarter of an inch a month. This seems like a waste but helps it grow faster in the end because its healthier. Do not have them use a razor on your hair, this alo results in the hairs splitting. If you have layers, let them all grow out to an even length them keep them that way untill its grown to the length you want in the end. I honestly am not sure why that works but it does. Once you've reached yor goal if your hair is o thick or you just want it to have more texture you can have them cut the layers back into it.

everyones hair is different & these tips may or may not speed your hair growth, especialy if it has been color treated, relaxed or permed. I am not a liscensed hairstylist but I have a very good friend who is & has assured me that these are the best tips. Remember the only real way to make your hair grow faster is to keep it healthy & that is what these tips are based on.

cosplay stuff
okay so i've began on the sonic & time skip yoko costymes for metro!
Sonic- fabric bought, pattern cut & plans sketched!
Yoko- jacket fabric bought, base boots bought, gun materials found in great grandpas shed :D hair extension clips need to still come in & Rochelle needs to fade & redye my hair to the red...

DRH stuff:
dress came in, but needs taken in. still fighting to get the wig T_T need to figure out which shoes go with the dress nicely...

Nel- need to start buying & working on this too since the con is so close after metro... I gotta get the wig & shirt im gonna cut up. gonna try to get some clear flip flops too to wear outside with it. I also need to get tattoo paper & find out if it works over tattoo cover up or foundation. I have real ones going in the spot of nels & may jus have to put them off if it doesn't work. if anyone knows please let me know, im gonna try it with some attoos someone made me but they're very plasticy if you sweat at all they bubble & smudge, hope I can find nicer paper since the 3 is so freaking huge & I don't want to have to ask mike to draw & color it on each day XD
for shadocon i'm workingon a demon/succubus character from an art book... not sure which other cons im going to. Infinitus is out cause of volunteering issues (*coughunfairnesscough*) for anime day & ifi go to zona im wearing yoko... or maybe nel if the tattoo thing works ok

okies guys! I wanna do a F+F local group order! free shipping for $600+

I would realy like to get this ordered in enough time to give ppl their stuff at metrocon :D

If you would like to order & will not be attending metro you will have to pay the shipping from me to you.

I must receive payment for your items before the final purchase. How this will work is, message me what you would like & your paypal address. I'll answer your message with a total & add you to the list. When we reach our goal i'll send you a payment request on paypal with an item list included. Once I receive everyones payment I will order everything & organize the meetup at metrocon when i'll bring everything to give their owners. Please print your "reciept" or have sme proof of which set of items is yours so we don't have anyone stop by claiming to be you & make off with your items.

I am debating posting this on, please share this info with your friends ect. as I would prefer not to resort to that.

new leaf
okay so yet again i'm going to attempt to keep up with this :D
this time I was inspired by a forum I frequent. Several ladies there are doing diet blogs to help keep them motivated & honest. I am going to do a bit of that here but with fitness & exercise as that ismy main problem. I'm okay with my weight/size but I don't like being "squishy" & I especialy hate when certain ppl *coughdad&bfcough* poke me & laugh saying im like a gaint marshmellow T_T but yeah so figuring out exercise that works for me! I attempt to do bicycle crunches & lunges. someone has suggested getting out the exercise bike & riding it whenever i'm watching tv (which isn't often) & im gonna attempt to go ice skating at least once a week sincei love that & already have the skates lol. I hope to start corset waist training soon too :)

Also im gonna do a bit of diy home products here as I am gradualy replacing my soap, shampoo, deoderent, shaving cream ect with cheaper healthier home made versions. I've found some money savers in other places that i'll post as well as other craft ideas & itemsi've made for sale/trade ^_^

any tips or suggestions on any of those subjects is more than welcome! I will be doing a sewing tutorial for beginers machine & hand sewing at someones request.

For those tha haven't heard, my very first sewing machine (that was actually mine) just died. It wasn't that great of a machine so it was more of a sentamental loss than anything. I will be seling the parts from it so if you have a viking machine that needs a piece feel free to ask if they're compatable.
Luckily my nana recently got a new machine will give me her old one now... so I can continue on with my cosplay making :)

Current projects
-time skip yoko ttgl + gun
-sonic the hedghog mascot costume
-window box herb garden
-exercise daily!

Store feature: Static Pop Culture

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PTFE jewelry

"Discover rapid healing and stress-free piercings with PTFE Body Jewellery. PTFE is an amazing material that is completely inert, biocompatible and flexible. PTFE is also non-stick, so you will get less lymph build up. It is ideal for reducing stress on facial piercings and for navel piercings during pregnancy. You can also wear PTFE body jewellery during X-rays, surgery and in hospital. As well as PTFE we also have a great choice of Bioplast Body Jewellery – another medical grade piercing material."

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Featured Shop: cutensweetcafe

I would like to feature this shop, it has loads of deliciously adorable handmade jewelry. Most pieces feature hand crafted polymer food miniatures. Some of them even come scented!

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Check this shop out! <3

Thanks for looking all ^__^


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