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PTFE jewelry

"Discover rapid healing and stress-free piercings with PTFE Body Jewellery. PTFE is an amazing material that is completely inert, biocompatible and flexible. PTFE is also non-stick, so you will get less lymph build up. It is ideal for reducing stress on facial piercings and for navel piercings during pregnancy. You can also wear PTFE body jewellery during X-rays, surgery and in hospital. As well as PTFE we also have a great choice of Bioplast Body Jewellery – another medical grade piercing material."

I have had tons of stomach problems so recently i invested in a PTFE belly ring. I am glad i did! I really was able to keep it in for x-rays and during surgery! It does not show up or affect x-rays at all, the doctor never even knew i had it in. you can find this type of material used for most piercings or even buy the pieces & make your own jewelry!
I would definitely recommend PTFE jewelry to anyone who is having medical procedures or health problems in general. my piercings are very sensative. I have only ever been able to wear surgical steal in them (even real gold causes problems) & i have had no issues with the PTFE whatsoever.

There are many shops that sell PTFE jewelry now & some piercing shots will even use that for the initial piercing if requested.

PTFE is NOT the same as acrylic retainers! PTFE is safe to wear for long periods of time, acrylic will actually start to fuse to your skin if left in for extended periods of time.

also sold in rolls & strips to make your own jewelry. a threading tool can be purchased or you can thread the jewelry with threaded metal beads.

PTFE is super flexible & can therefore be worn threw most pregnancies!


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