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new leaf
okay so yet again i'm going to attempt to keep up with this :D
this time I was inspired by a forum I frequent. Several ladies there are doing diet blogs to help keep them motivated & honest. I am going to do a bit of that here but with fitness & exercise as that ismy main problem. I'm okay with my weight/size but I don't like being "squishy" & I especialy hate when certain ppl *coughdad&bfcough* poke me & laugh saying im like a gaint marshmellow T_T but yeah so figuring out exercise that works for me! I attempt to do bicycle crunches & lunges. someone has suggested getting out the exercise bike & riding it whenever i'm watching tv (which isn't often) & im gonna attempt to go ice skating at least once a week sincei love that & already have the skates lol. I hope to start corset waist training soon too :)

Also im gonna do a bit of diy home products here as I am gradualy replacing my soap, shampoo, deoderent, shaving cream ect with cheaper healthier home made versions. I've found some money savers in other places that i'll post as well as other craft ideas & itemsi've made for sale/trade ^_^

any tips or suggestions on any of those subjects is more than welcome! I will be doing a sewing tutorial for beginers machine & hand sewing at someones request.

For those tha haven't heard, my very first sewing machine (that was actually mine) just died. It wasn't that great of a machine so it was more of a sentamental loss than anything. I will be seling the parts from it so if you have a viking machine that needs a piece feel free to ask if they're compatable.
Luckily my nana recently got a new machine will give me her old one now... so I can continue on with my cosplay making :)

Current projects
-time skip yoko ttgl + gun
-sonic the hedghog mascot costume
-window box herb garden
-exercise daily!

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yeah using the steal boned (& properly made) under bust corset to gradually train your waist (& your basic figure) into a new size... its called by tons of names thats just the one i've seen more frequently at company sites ect...

I have never heard of doing's interesting. :]

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