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cosplay stuff
okay so i've began on the sonic & time skip yoko costymes for metro!
Sonic- fabric bought, pattern cut & plans sketched!
Yoko- jacket fabric bought, base boots bought, gun materials found in great grandpas shed :D hair extension clips need to still come in & Rochelle needs to fade & redye my hair to the red...

DRH stuff:
dress came in, but needs taken in. still fighting to get the wig T_T need to figure out which shoes go with the dress nicely...

Nel- need to start buying & working on this too since the con is so close after metro... I gotta get the wig & shirt im gonna cut up. gonna try to get some clear flip flops too to wear outside with it. I also need to get tattoo paper & find out if it works over tattoo cover up or foundation. I have real ones going in the spot of nels & may jus have to put them off if it doesn't work. if anyone knows please let me know, im gonna try it with some attoos someone made me but they're very plasticy if you sweat at all they bubble & smudge, hope I can find nicer paper since the 3 is so freaking huge & I don't want to have to ask mike to draw & color it on each day XD
for shadocon i'm workingon a demon/succubus character from an art book... not sure which other cons im going to. Infinitus is out cause of volunteering issues (*coughunfairnesscough*) for anime day & ifi go to zona im wearing yoko... or maybe nel if the tattoo thing works ok


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