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okies guys! I wanna do a F+F local group order! free shipping for $600+

I would realy like to get this ordered in enough time to give ppl their stuff at metrocon :D

If you would like to order & will not be attending metro you will have to pay the shipping from me to you.

I must receive payment for your items before the final purchase. How this will work is, message me what you would like & your paypal address. I'll answer your message with a total & add you to the list. When we reach our goal i'll send you a payment request on paypal with an item list included. Once I receive everyones payment I will order everything & organize the meetup at metrocon when i'll bring everything to give their owners. Please print your "reciept" or have sme proof of which set of items is yours so we don't have anyone stop by claiming to be you & make off with your items.

I am debating posting this on, please share this info with your friends ect. as I would prefer not to resort to that.

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I would love to...but that takes money I rarely see...*cry* Sorry....I would totally be in had I the money.

that's ok, seems everyone is in the same boat! I /don't/ have the money for the corset I want but its made properly & waaaay cheaper than ones here so im getting it for body mod purposes >_< body modification is totally my bad habit...

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