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bald rats & making your own hair grow
okay so odd that I've been thinking a lot about these 2 today since my rats are hairless XD but anyways so I've been reading a lot about keeping your rats entertained ect & its saying boy rats realy don't enjoy games much...which mine don't, but it does say they enjoy being tickled, mine seem to find that offensive has turned into a perfect way to get them back in their cage when its time to... idk what else to try O_o

okay now about making your hair grow faster/stronger whatever. the shampoo Hair+ actually does seem to make my hair grow faster & it has great reviews from tons of other people! but some other natural things tha help are eating jello every day or taking jellitan caplets. taking Silica daily also helps. I found a tablet called Hair Care that contains both of them with other herbs & vitamins ect & only has the side effect of changing your urine color to a bright florescent yellow. It does also have an upset stomach warning but I have a very sensative stomach & when taken with a meal as dirrected it didn't bother mine at all.
Using hot oil treatments regularly & ocasionaly using a dep conditioner like Aussie 3 minute miracle helps the softness of your hair & is extreemely important if you dye it lighter than your natural color or get highlights done.
He next tip may not be to everyones liking but it does help. If you can bare to, only wash your hair every other day. This allows your hair to keep its natural oils & stay healthy (helps prevent it becoming brittle).
Your hair does go threw rest periods were it hardly grows so don't get discouraged if you don't see good results. During average growth it should gain about an inch a month. To keep from getting split ends (which eventually splits & kills that entire hair) you should get it trimmed about a quarter of an inch a month. This seems like a waste but helps it grow faster in the end because its healthier. Do not have them use a razor on your hair, this alo results in the hairs splitting. If you have layers, let them all grow out to an even length them keep them that way untill its grown to the length you want in the end. I honestly am not sure why that works but it does. Once you've reached yor goal if your hair is o thick or you just want it to have more texture you can have them cut the layers back into it.

everyones hair is different & these tips may or may not speed your hair growth, especialy if it has been color treated, relaxed or permed. I am not a liscensed hairstylist but I have a very good friend who is & has assured me that these are the best tips. Remember the only real way to make your hair grow faster is to keep it healthy & that is what these tips are based on.


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