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sewing tutorial thingie: partial boot/shoe covers
Okay so to start you pick out the boots or shoes you want to cover, this tutorial is for the way to make partial covers only i will try to post another later for the full covers that i attach to shoes or use to turn flip flops into full shoes. These are also for high heels which makes the attachment easier.

get your shoes, try & match the fabric to it. The person who asked for this is using black sued boots so that fabric is easily available at Joann's or similar fabric stores.



you'll need:
paper if you dont have large sheets you can use the regular size ones just tape them together on the back side to the length you need.
a marker, pen, pencil, crayon or whatever other writing utensil you want to use
the shoe you want to cover
your leg
a small piece of velcro (both sides)
a zipper the length of your cover from the bottom of your foot to were you want the cover to end.

put on your shoe and put your leg on the page. depending how flexible you are you may need someone else to help you with the next step.

trace around your shoe & leg. I only did knee high here but if you are doing thigh high trace your leg ur to were you want the covers to end.

measure around your leg from the middle of the front to the middle of the back

adjust the width of the outline to this then add a little extra for seems. I like yo at half an inch.

I also added a rectangle at the bottom right in front of the heel to use as attachment point for the covers.

cut it out

double layer your fabric & cut it out. If you want to do all 4 layers at once you can do that also.

cut those out

pin the front & backs together

and sew

be sure and back stitch (make the machine do backwards then back over the same seem) on all of the ends.

be sure & trim all the extra tread ends off so they don't get caught in the machine.

front & back done with a straight seem

i like to go back over the edges with a zigzag stitch to reinforce. This is a good alternative if you don't have a serger. (or are like me & just don't feel like getting it out, lol)

now determine which side of the cover will be on your inside leg & cut straight down it. This is were you will attach the zipper.

in order to loose less fabric when finishing the edges you can zigzag stitch over the open edge then only fold it down once to hem in.

fold down the top edge and put your hem in with a straight stitch.

hem your bottom edges ***i should have done the zigzag stitch on all of these first too***

when you get to the little tabs stop & make a cut in a cross shape (letting the teb fold back down & a tiny one into the tab so you can fold the edge of it over onto its self.

now hem those

these are the hemmed bottom edges.

you would now put in your zipper in the open side. I don't have an extra one right now but if you need a tutorial of how to put a zipper in let me know & i will be happy to take pictures when i put the one in the costume i am currently making.

slip it on over your shoe ans check the sizing, & adjust were needed.

now check the lengths of your flaps and attach the velcro were they overlap under the shoe.

then your all done. I used scrap fabric that is a cotton with no give so it looks a little baggy/messy. When doing covers i make it a point to ALWAYS use something with at least a little bit of give. Being able to stretch it a little helps so very much in getting them to fit perfect.

Other notes:
if your legs are anything like mine you might find it helpful to use a bit of spirit gum or sock glue on the top edge to get it to stay put on your leg. (if its fitted well it shouldn't move much but this helps reinforce) If you do this be sure & bend your leg before applying & attach it were it wants to slide down to so the glue wont come off when you walk. You could also try attaching elastic into the top hem, but i dislike how this tends to look.

If you have ANY questions about any of the steps let me know and i will try my best to answer ^__^