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cold/sinus infection/cough home remedy
okay so i had a sinus infection & the antibiotic the doctor gave me made it worse. ended up with a full blown could, cough & so much drainage it was making me nauseated & i was having daily migraines. Last night the above combination got so bad that i did actually become sick (you know what i mean) so i decided to stop the prescription & try some home remedy. This morning i irrigated my nose with something i have similar to a neti pot. It comes with a rinse solution, you just mix that up & follow the instructions until you only have a small amount of the solution left. Use that little bit to gargle then be sure & spit it all out. I then put some minced garlic in a bowl & poured boiling water in with it. held my face over the bowl & inhaled the steam until it wasn't hot anymore. The garlic helps disinfect your sinuses. That combination immediately let me breath completely threw my nose which i have been unable to do in a couple weeks now.
for my cough i made some tea, sweetened it with honey then put 2 cap fulls of apple cider vinegar in it & drank up. it made me cough more for a bit till the mucus was cleared from my throat but after that I've been fine! still have a small tickle in my throat occasionally but I'm sure that's because it needs time to heal from days of constantly coughing...

Recently i've just had so much better luck with cures like this...

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